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Doctrinal Consistency
Does God Have Feelings or Emotions?
Does God Repent or Change His Mind?
Does God Have a Body?
Is the God of the OT More Wrathful Than the God of the NT? Less Loving?

Biblical Integrity
Why Are There So Many English Translations of the Bible?
How Did Judas Die - Hanging or Falling? (Matthew 27:3-8 vs. Acts 1:16-19)
Was Abiathar High Priest When David Ate Showbread? (Mark 2:25-16 vs. 1 Sam. 21:1-6)
Did Those with Paul Hear the Voice? (Acts 9:7 vs. 22:9)

What Does the Christian Fish Represent?
Why Do Christians Worship a Morbid and Pagan Cross?
Do Christians Agree On The Doctrine of the Trinity?

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